Video Games Based on Classic Literature – The Great Works of Art for Gamers

Video games evolved to become something fantastic in the recent years. Back when technology was nowhere near being as good as today, the game had to sell you something, and since graphics and gameplay were for the most part out of the question, they had to sell you a story or people would turn to more exciting things such as betting with a betting bonus or reading a book. Luckily, many of the great video games are actually based on even better books.

Here are some of those games, in no particular order.

Spec Ops: The Line

This modern 3rd person shooter seems like a very simple game. You come in, you shoot, you listen to a very good soundtrack. Things get different once you realize it’s based on Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness.

You’re not in Congo, you’re in Dubai, however, a future, storm-wrecked Dubai. You have to find some survivors and rescue them. Hmm, things are looking rather similar now, right? They do take their own route, but the similarities are impossible to neglect.

Bioshock Trilogy

These games are not based on any work in particular, but an entire opus of a writer, namely Ayn Rand. A self-centered city Rapture, not to mention all the particulars such as the names of the characters. Starting from Andrew Ryan who is basically named after the author, to Frank Fontaine, khm, khm, The Fountainhead. Repeatedly, as you move through the game, you will see posters with a “Who is John Galt?” inscription on them, very similarly to Where is Atlas, in Atlas Shrugged.

When these things become global, maybe to an impossible extent, you can get the idea how objectivism can be a very negative philosophy.

The Dark Eye

The 90s were a special place for video games where adventure games were thriving. One of such games is The Dark Eye, from 1995, not to be mixed with many other titles of the same name. The thing that makes it stand out is that it used Edgar Allan Poe’s stories The Cask of Amontillado, Berenice and The Tell-Tale Heart. The game is a rather bizarre mixture that can surprise and scare you at very unexpected moments.

Fahrenheit 451

This game is eponymous of the book’s name. It is a text-based adventure game from 1984. Why is such an oldie here? Well, it’s here because it’s pretty much the book itself, not to mention that the author, Ray Bradbury, contributed to the game’s creation.

The game is a play of classic literature, narration and the player themselves. It is a complex game from a delivery standpoint and a very good example of writings coming to the world of video games.

There are so many more games that the list would be far too long, but these are the easiest that come to mind.

Author: Fire Fly