The Best Contemporary Authors you Should’ve Read by Now

Authors come and go, their works are here to stay. Some authors are still here, however. Their works are also here and they still keep coming. Without a doubt, you can watch a movie, a flick, even look for fun on sites like, and basically anything that can you wish, but nothing works up your imagination like a good book or even a bad one.

Here are some contemporary authors whose works you should’ve read by now.

Neil Gaiman

Neil is one of those writers that falls under the genre of comical fantasy, seemingly writing novels for young adults. There is more to him than meets the eye, however. His jokes and funny worlds are just a ploy to keep you interested, while he tackles much more profound and deep ideas, going far beyond the laugh you get here and there.

His works include novels, short stories and comics, too. The Sandman is his best comic series, whose characters were more or less adapted in the TV show Lucifer. His other works are Coraline, American Gods, Stardust and Good Omen which he co-created with the late Terry Pratchett. His works are something you should definitely read.

Stephen King

You’ve surely heard of this master or writing. His works are everywhere, including Stanley Kubrick’s famous movie, The Shining, named after the book and portraying the book itself, somewhat inaccurately, according to King. Regardless, his works are many and as a master of horror stories, you are definitely in for a good ride no matter which of his plethora of novels you choose.

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian poet, novelist and a lot of other things, actually. Her most notable subjects, as a writer are those of the power of words and language, religion and myths, gender and identity and climate change, among others.

Her works are, in no particular order, The Handmaid’s Tale, Cat’s Eye, Surfacing, The Blind Assassin and Oryx and Crake.

J. K. Rowling

No list of contemporary authors would be complete without Rowling. She was immortalized by her Harry Potter series and rightfully so. There is not a child or teenager, adult even, who have not read this book or watched the movies. While her seven books have defined her writing, they are still very good and have been subject of many studies. They were not just adapted for the big screen, but also smaller ones as there are a plethora of Harry Potter related video games.

Salman Rushdie

This contemporary author has written so many great works, some of them so controversial that they almost cost him his head. He had to be put under police protection. His works are mostly concerned with the many connections and dissociations between Western and Eastern culture, combining historic facts with magical realism.

His notable works are Midnight’s Bride, The Satanic Verses, The Enchantress of Florence and many more.

The list of contemporary authors whose works you should’ve read can go on forever, but these ones are probably the most influential ones and you shouldn’t hesitate in picking up one of their works.


Author: Jason