Card Games With Origins in Fiction

Card games, like poker, blackjack, and such, have had their origin at a point in time. Like Bet9ja promotion code or any superhero, so do card games have their backstories and their own inspiration. There are plenty of card games that you can play today, but did you know that many of them have had their roots in fiction? Some do not hide that fact while others make it a bit difficult to discern.

Here are some card games which have origins in fiction.

Yu Gi Oh

Yu Gi Oh is a manga about a boy who awakens a gambling alter-ego inside him which helps him solve conflicts through various games. It was adapted into an anime in 1998 and was very popular at the time. Trading card game followed soon enough, sprouting a famous meme “you have activated my trap card”. This meme is used on the internet very frequently and exists thanks to Yu Gi Oh! It’s still a fairly popular card game.


If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you know what this game is. If you aren’t then some explanations are due. You know Han Solo and his ship the Millennium Falcon. Well, he won it by playing this game against Lando Calrissian. The game is a combination of poker and blackjack, where you can easily win by scoring 23 points and hitting sabacc. A version of the game called the Corellian Spike is how Han won the ship. That version uses a pair of dice, the same one Han placed in the cockpit of the Falcon.

Pyramid and Triad

These are two versions of a similar game which are present in two versions of a similar show, called Battlestar Galactica. In the show, they play a role of keeping pilots busy between intense space battles. In the original series, the game is called Pyramid but in the modern, often called the reimagined series, it is called Triad.

Eventually, people separated the two, much like they did the two versions of Battlestar Galactica. The game features hexagonal cards which is interesting by itself.

Tall Card

Back to Firefly once again. It seems you cannot really escape that show and you shouldn’t even try. If only a studio and publisher would realize that. Anyway, the card game is called tall card and plays like poker yet you have a tall card which can be used as a trump card, similarly to games like Hearts and Spades. Interestingly enough, you cannot really find out much about the game on the TV show as it has so little air time. At this point, anything Firefly-related is great.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Many card games found their way to the digital world and became digital additions to an already developed world of card games. Gwent came forth as its own game due to user and fan demand. Gwent was an optional game, spiking lots of quests in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You have 3 rows of units, 10 cards and different factions. You need to have a higher number in a best of 3 against your opponent.

Due to demand, it became a very popular game and esport in its own right.

There are surely more card games as people have often made their own, compared to printed official versions. Who knows what you can find on ebay and craigslist.

Author: Jason