Best Movies for Football Fans – Sometimes You Need More than a Match

Football is an immensely popular sport, especially in Europe and Latin America. It has its share of fans, even bettors who have devoted lots of time to studying their favorite teams and players and reading about online bookmakers like this Betway review. Every once in a while, however you should take a rest from all that and enjoy a good movie. Why not a football-related movie, then?


This is a movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine. Set during the Second World War, it shows a team of Allied prisoners who find a possibility to escape during an exhibition match versus Germany. The captain is not really for it, despite being urged by his officers and even good old Sly Stallone.

Pele: Birth of a Legend

Pele is a legend, no doubt about it. Not many knew that he came from playing in the streets, as a boy with basically no future, or present, for that matter. Little did everyone know what passion burned in that boy. This movie follows Pele’s story as he leads Brazil to a World Cup victory in 1958. He was 17 at the time, which was also his world stage debut.

A Shot at Glory

This movie shows a fictional Scottish club Kilnockie who want to try their shot at success. A player from Arsenal is brought to the club, with hopes of finding more victories. Little did the club’s manager, Gordon McLeod know, that the star player he brought, Jackie McQuillan, has quite the turbulent personal side. The two clash as the movie unveils, backed by the fantastic soundtrack composed by Mark Knopfler.

Kicking & Screaming

This is one of those movies where you’d think it’s a joke. It’s not a joke, but a rather fun football movie and an even better guide for upcoming parents. Will Ferrell does a great job of portraying a coach who has issues with his players. Not only that, but he has trouble with being a coach, remembering the way his father used to treat him. Things turn out differently in the end, but that is up to you to see.

The Firm

If you wanted to know more about how football fans, or hooligans, to be precise, behave and act, then this movie is the right one for you. The Inner City are a group of fans, of West Ham United and they do what fans or hooligans do. From rough language to violence and sex, this movie is not for those who expected a rags to riches football story.


These are some of the best football movies which you can watch, yet are just a few that you can find. The list is rather long and there are so many good football-related movies to see.

Author: Jason