Best Movies for Card Game Lovers – The 5 Movies You Must Watch

For all lovers of betting and casino games, whether they are online sites that offer betting bonus codes such as or the ones that offer casino games, and for all of those who love watching movies on this topic, this is a real treat. Love of card games, oftentimes poker, is portrayed in many movies. Card games make up for a very good plot element, whether it’s just an introductory one or even if it takes a more central, crucial part. Regardless of the role, card games tend to be present in many movies, even though they do not play an important role. Having so much exposure, you are bound to run into them quite a lot.

In case you wanted movies which are more dedicated to card games, here are a few to fill up your weekend schedule.


This movie is really all about development of its main character, Mike McDermott, who wanted out of the poker game. He played high stakes poker and wanted out to pursue a more specific path, law school. That was working out for a while until an old friend got back into his life and pulled him back into high stakes poker. Balancing all of that including a relationship is a difficult thing and has its own element of drama.


This movie is a nod to the once lifestyle where organized crime tried to insert its thugs into suits and have them run casinos. While that seems like a good idea, the movie shows while it was short-lasted and never really took off. It also shows what Vegas could’ve been like compared to what it is today. If you’re not familiar with that casino culture, this movie will get you a front row invisible seat to a mafia meeting.

Ocean’s Eleven

Set in Vegas, in 3 different casinos, what more do you want? On a serious note, this movie sees Danny Ocean trying to rob three casinos at the same time, while also settling a score with the casinos’ owner. He has a crew of 11 people to help him and knowledge about poker, believe it or not.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

This movie is really interesting as it has cards and a lot of drama and comedy at the same time. Following a very crooked card game, four friends get in trouble as they end up owing money. They decide to rob a couple of robbers they overheard, but that’s not even the start of it. Two antique double barreled shotguns get stolen and end up in their way, really mixing things up.

All In

This movie sees the main character, Alicia Anderson, a medical student, enter the World Series of Poker. She and a couple of other medical students decide to make up a team that might be the ultimate poker team. She has an edge, though, having been taught the ins and outs of poker by her late father.

As someone who had a decently good life and is a medical student, Alicia doesn’t seem like the type to take a huge risk and enter a poker tournament. Repeated financial issues, however, prompt her to start looking for new and different solutions to her problems. With her knowledge of poker, she decided to risk it and go all in, following her father’s advice.

These are a couple of movies that you should definitely pay attention to if you’re a card game fan. There certainly are more, but these will get you through the weekend.

Author: Fire Fly