Amazing Artworks Inspired by Literature – From Book to Canvas

As an artist must draw upon some inspiration for their work, so do they look for it in various places. Very frequently, that place tends to be literature. Literature can easily inspire a person to great deeds and oftentimes, an artist is that person who will get inspired and create even more art.

Here are some of the various works of art that were inspired by literature.

Pablo Picasso – Don Quixote

Picasso was perhaps the perfect artist to try and capture the moments of Cervantes’ famous novel Don Quixote. Why Picasso? Well, maybe because of his style and simplistic approach, at least to this work of art. The stationary figures seem very much alive, like they are moving and on one of their little quests. Since it is so simplistic, they look almost like the idea they’re supposed to represent, ridiculous. Picasso, however, managed to capture the fatigue from their endless questing, quite marvelously. He was, after all, an exemplary artist.

Salvador Dali – Mad Tea Party

When you hear of something called Mad Tea Party, you can assume a couple of things, that it could be a party in a British asylum, or more likely, a painting inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Fortunately, it is the latter. The thing is, he made not one, but 12 heliogravures, one for each chapter of the book. If you happen to see them, be careful, they are really powerful and can draw you in as easily as the book might, even more, for they are very visual.

John William Waterhouse – The Lady of Shalott

The Lady of Shalott is a poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1833. The painting is from 1888. It depicts a scene in the poem, where she enters a boat, to be carried downstream in her attempt to reach Camelot. The poem is about an Arthurian maiden who was cursed to view the world through the mirror, only. Once she saw Lancelot, however, she had to look at him directly, causing the mirror to break and all sorts of sorrows to herself. Well, if Lancelot was Richard Gere in his prime, who wouldn’t have looked.

John Everett Millais – Ophelia

Even though it is one of the many portraits of the damsel Ophelia who ultimately drowns because her lover Hamlet kills her father, among other things, it is a great one. Everett managed to paint it very realistically and his work is admired for it. Her final moments are captured in the painting, her singing before the stream takes her away.

These are just a few works of art which were inspired by literature. There are many more, yet the list would be far too long.

Author: Jason