A Game Night With Friends – Music Guide for a Poker Night

Playing card games with your friends is probably one of the best ways to catch up and socialize. If you’re playing for fun, then it’s even less serious than playing for cash and the atmosphere will be better. Sure, you can go online and play poker with anonymous people or bots while using the Gratorama bonus code, yet it is much better to gather a couple of your besties and grab some chips and a couple of decks of cards and have a great time.

Yet, will you play in silence? Most likely not, so here’s a list of songs and albums that you can play while having that game night.

Bad Company – Straight Shooter

This album was released in 1975 and it featured Paul Rodgers on vocals. You cannot have a more impressive vocalist in this genre, which is rock. This album has a perfect combination of songs which will do great at a poker night. While many of the songs might have nothing to do with poker, the overall sound of the album can easily lead one to think of gambling.

The Animals

This album, eponymous to the band’s name, is a great one for a night in. The amazing vocals of Eric Burdon still echo through time. Released in 1964, this album features great musicians such as John Steel, Hilton Valentine, Chas Chandler and Alan Price. Much more than that, it features the famous hit single, House of the Rising Sun. If there was ever a song for a poker night, then this song would be it.

Tom Waits – Nighthawks at the Diner

This is a live album, recorded at Record Plant, Los Angeles in 1975. It was strange to record a live album for such a young and novel artist, Bones Howe, the album’s producer recalled. Regardless, it was extremely well received and features Waits as a very interesting comedian and musician. His voice is remarkable and should do any poker night justice.

Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack

Cowboy Bebop is an anime from 1998. Set in an interesting future, where humanity colonized a lot of the other rocky planets due to the Earth being uninhabitable, it has quite a stunning soundtrack. The music features parts of western genres, opera and jazz. The interesting thing about the soundtrack is that it was the first thing to enter production, a long time before any of the characters were finalized.

Sergio Leone Western Trilogy Soundtracks

The famous trilogy directed by Sergio Leone named A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good the Bad and the Ugly are arguably some of the best westerns in history. Not only that, they all feature Clint Eastwood, a star of his own. But besides that, they all have great soundtracks. All of the music was composed by Ennio Morricone. All 3 of the soundtracks make for a great poker night background.

Firefly Soundtracks

Firefly was a TV show that was special in its own right. Still revered as one of the best TV shows ever to grace the screens, it also, luckily, features a great soundtrack which can make game nights even better.

Here are some songs and albums to consider before calling your friends over to a poker night. There is a lot more suitable music you could listen to, yet this is our recommendation.

Author: Fire Fly