Taking to the friendly skies used to be a high class and sophisticated way to travel for your vacation and leisure needs. These days however, flying has become a stressful and tense way of herding millions of people from one place to another at a cost that leaves us feeling as dizzy as looking out the windows of super jets used to do for our grandparents. Flying doesn’t have to a hassle though. Here are a few simple tips to make your next flight more enjoyable.

Dress Comfortably

Back in the 1960′s people dressed up to fly in full length fur coats, heels, gloves and suits with ties. Also in the 1960′s airplanes were larger, had wider seats and had more seats in general. Don’t follow the fashion rules of yesteryear when flying in our modern times. Of course there are businessmen who have a dress code, but when you go to holidays, you won’t wear a suit. Instead, focus on dressing in clothes that you’d be comfortable wearing to bed or around the house on a lazy Saturday relaxing on modern 3 seater sofas. Focus on shoes that slide easily on and off to make security check points easier to manage.

Pack Lightly

The source of much aggravation between airlines and passengers centers around lost and damaged luggage. The price of checking your luggage continues to rise, making it more and more expensive to travel with a lot of luggage in the first place. Add to that concerns of having all of your belongings lost and you can see why this is a stressful subject. Instead of checking luggage consider packing lightly. Pack about half the clothes you’ll need for your trip and decide to find a laundry facility while you’re away. This way you can fit all of your belongings into one carry on sized bag. You’ll save money and give yourself peace of mind when you don’t have to trust a large corporation to keep track of your valuables.

Buy Liquids Later

Deciding to pack just a carry on sized luggage does mean you can’t pack some items. Things like full sized shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash or laundry detergent will be too large to pass through TSA standards on liquids. A simple solution is to either pack just travel sized fluid items, or resolve to find a grocery or general store once you get to your destination. As an added bonus to leaving your liquids behind, you won’t have to worry about bottles bursting in flight and the liquids inside soaking your clothes.

Come Early

Finally, plan on arriving at the airport at least two hours before your flight is scheduled to board. While this may sound like the crux of boredom, it ensures that you will not be stressed by the long lines at security or forced to dash through the airport to catch your flight after being chosen for a random security screen. Arriving early means giving yourself plenty of time to check in, get comfortable and grab a latte before your flight is called.

You can take the flying experience to another level of comfort by considering a seating category upgrade to economy plus or first class. While pricey, these seats often mean more leg room, more elbow room, wider chairs and better food. It can also mean free drinks and personalized attention from staff if you’re booking a first class seat. Check out other comfort items and designer furniture from fashionforhome.com. So this flying experience you will never missing.