The Firefly Vaporizer – One of The Best Portable Vaporizers of All Time.

Firefly Vaporizer

This model has been one of the most highly rated vaporizers of 2016. It’s durable, the vapor quality is said to be one of the best in the portable market, and it comes with a plethora of features that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

Trying this model personally, I have to admit I was skeptical of the claims. But they were all true.

The Firefly is on par with Pax and is better than Pax in some respects. It’s a top-of-the-line vaporizer that may even be underrated.

Firefly Vaporizer Review

One of the best features of Firefly is that it heats up really fast. This is important for a portable model that is meant to be carried around in your pocket or in a bag for fast, discreet usage. The Firefly offers just that – and more – all for a low price.

It even comes with a bunch of extras (more on that shortly).

Firefly Vape Features

  • Instantly heats up to 400 degrees.
  • Glass heating chamber.
  • Magnetic lid for easy loading and cleaning.
  • Smooth flavor from herbs or tobacco.
  • Fast-charging (45 minutes) lithium-ion battery.
  • Allows for 50 inhalations instantly.
  • Replaceable battery design.
  • Aluminum chassis (aircraft quality).
  • Quartz crystal window.
  • 3 color options (red, dark gray and silver).
  • 5-year warranty.

The features are impressive. This model also includes a lot of extras for the standard price. This includes:

  • Charging adapter.
  • Cleaning kit.
  • Carrying bag.

Everything you need to start vaping is offered with this model. All you need to do is supply the loose-leaf blends, and you’re ready to begin vaping immediately.

Build Quality

firefly vaporizer for sale

Built out of aircraft-grade aluminum, this vaporizer will not easily break. You can comfortably carry Firefly with you anywhere you go without cracking or breaking the exterior shell. The “glass” windows are not fragile and are crafted out of quartz crystal to ensure a high level of durability at all times.

You can really tell the immense attention to detail with this model.

The magnetic lid allows you to effectively open up the Firefly, pack it with herb and clean it easily. This reduces the frustrating cleaning process (more on that soon) and allows for an ease of use that most portable vaporizers don’t offer.

You’ll notice that this model has the length (5.5 inches) of the Galaxy S4 phone, but a smaller overall width of 2 inches. The weight (241 grams) of this vaporizer is much higher than others, but for good reason. The heat sinks used when building Firefly are made out of stainless steel, which is much heavier than aluminum or other heat sink materials.

Why does stainless steel matter?

Heat sinks absorb the heat from the oven so that the unit doesn’t get too hot. If you’ve ever burnt your hand on a vaporizer or realized that the vaporizer’s exterior gets very hot, this is caused by a lack of quality heat sinks.

Stainless steel allows this model to heat up to 400 degrees while ensuring the exterior remains cool.

You’ll notice little difference in the exterior temperature of Firefly when in use, and you won’t have to worry about getting burned in the process.

From a build quality perspective, this model is one of the best I have ever personally tested – no expense was spared.

Firefly Vapor Quality buy firefly vape

Dynamic convection allows the unit to heat up instantly (okay, not instantly, but really fast) without burning the herb. The true heat time from the unit being in the off position through the pre-heat cycle and the final heating is 5 – 7 seconds on average.

This is amazingly fast for any portable or desktop vaporizer.

This may just be the best portable vaporizer in terms of conduction heating, but it also tops the list in terms of vapor quality. The glass heating chamber also allows for a smoother vape of your herb, which is nice.

Named the “Firefly” for a reason, you can even watch the chamber light up (like a Firefly) through the quartz glass. You’re actually viewing the red heating element through here.

What’s really special about this model is that the quick heating process ensures that herb isn’t wasted – you get more of that pure flavor you love with less herb.

The vapor in this model is smooth, and the flavor is immense. I want to note that the reason for the vapor quality being so good – even better than Pax – is because this is pure convection heat. Most models make this claim, but none truly offer the pure convection that the Firefly does.  Well maybe a few of the Storz & Bickel models that cost $400+ might do this as well.

Initially, you can only use loose-leaf herb in this vaporizer.

There is an add-on (at an additional cost) that can be purchased and will allow you to use concentrates within the Firefly. This isn’t too much of an issue, but it is an added cost of about $10 for the concentrate pads.

Battery Life

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Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this model holds its charge for a long time while being able to recharge at a rapid speed. In terms of usage, you will be able to continually use Firefly for 45 – 60 minutes before it runs out of battery life.

Recharging from completely dead to full takes just 45 minutes.

The back of the unit has a panel that slides open to reveal the battery. You can buy a replacement battery as an extra just in case you’re going to be away from an electrical outlet or in your vehicle. The extra battery isn’t a necessity.

There is a car charger available for Firefly that costs $30.

A charging adapter is included with the purchase price, so you won’t need to spend a dime on a different charger if you don’t want to. One thing I do recommend is buying the extra battery if you go on long road trips and don’t buy the car charger.


The maker of Firefly offers an exceptional 5-year limited warranty. Like with any warranty offered, there are a few stipulations you need to be aware of before accidently voiding the warranty.

The warranty may be voided in the event that you:

  • Use Firefly outside of normal usage.
  • Neglect to clean the unit as recommended.
  • Disassemble the product.
  • Abuse or mistreat the unit.
  • Fail to follow the included safety instructions.

Dents, scratches and chips to the device will not fall under the included warranty. If the device went missing or is damaged in a natural disaster, the warranty will be voided as a result.

If you use the Firefly as intended, you will not have any issues if you need a repair. The company is very quick to respond to service requests and have been very honorable in terms of their warranty so far, according to users.

I never personally tried the company’s warranty program.

How to Clean the Firefly Vaporizer

how to use the firefly vaporizer

One of the best Firefly tips I can provide is to clean and maintain the unit to the best of your ability. This will allow for the great vapor you love, and will add to the vaporizer’s durability and longevity. Also, your warranty will be void if you do not maintain the unit properly.

There are several cleaning recommendations:

  • Chassis: Alcohol wipes are included upon purchase and are meant to be used to clean the exterior of Firefly. Always may sure that the alcohol has time to dry completely before turning on the unit.
  • Heating Chamber: Using the included brush, you will want to clean the heating chamber after every use. This will ensure that the herb is heated adequately at all times.
  • Lid: The lid opens magnetically, allowing you to access the inside of Firefly. The alcohol pads can be used to clean the inside of the lid, but it is essential that you wait until all of the alcohol dries before using Firefly again. The included brush can also be used to clean all of the vapor channels.
  • Mouth Piece: The mouth piece should be cleaned daily using the plastic cleaning picks included. This will remove any of the excess residue left after a vaping session.

The battery itself can be replaced if the unit is no longer holding its charge properly. This is done by sliding down the back piece of the unit, popping out the battery, and placing the replacement inside. It’s a simple fix, and one you’re definitely capable of doing.

Screen replacement is needed on occasion. This is the screen over the heating chamber. Replacement is done by following these steps:

  1. Locate the plastic cleaning picks.
  2. Push the screen to the side with the picks and lift it out.
  3. Press the new screen in using the same pick.

You never want to use metal instruments when putting in the screen due to scratching of the heating chamber glass.

A few precautions you’ll want to follow when cleaning Firefly are:

  • Only clean a cool unit.
  • Never submerge the unit in cleaning solution.
  • Never pour any liquid into the heating chamber.
  • Use only the included cleaning supplies.

It’s very important to clean the unit appropriately.

If this seems like a lot of cleaning – it’s not. The unit’s magnetic lid allows you to access the inside of the Firefly to clean it within 2 – 3 minutes at most. Cleaning with this model is much faster than the competition.

Pax vs Firefly

Pax vs Firefly

You’ll find the Firefly vape for sale along another famous model: Pax.

This model is well-known because it is one of the top vaporizers in the world, but does it have the edge on the Firefly?

Let’s find out.

Pax has a warranty of 10 years, while the Firefly has a 5 year warranty. The heating type for Pax is conduction, while the Firefly offers pure convection heating for a better heating process. In terms of overall vapor quality, the Firefly definitely has the edge – and this is always the most important aspect of a vaporizer.

Battery life for Pax is much longer (70+ minutes), but recharge time is 100 minutes. The Firefly has a 45 minute battery life (at least) with just a 45 minute recharge time. Both models use a lithium ion battery to power their units, but Pax does not allow you to replace the battery. The Firefly, on the other hand, does allow replacement or extra batteries to be used.

Pax has a larger bowl size of .2g – .4g of herbs, while Firefly has a .15g bowl size.

Similar in size, the Pax is far lighter and won’t be felt in your pocket. The Pax has a weight of just 92 grams.

Heat up time is simply no match with the Pax taking as long as 40 seconds to heat up fully, while Firefly takes under 10 seconds.

The Firefly also has a digitally-controlled temperature, which allows for a higher heating precision than the 4 temperatures offered by Pax.

Pax doesn’t offer the same quality vape as the Firefly in my opinion, but it does have the benefit of being a little more discreet. It’s very close between both of these vaporizers and you can’t go wrong buying either.

But, for me, I prefer the Firefly.


The Firefly was well-designed, and this is displayed in virtually every feature available. From the quick heating chamber that doesn’t burn or waste herb to the stainless steel heat sinks that keep the Firefly cool even after prolonged usage, this is one of the best designed vaporizers to date.

Smooth and refreshing, the vapor quality is unmatched in the portable vaporizer industry. This is due to the pure convection heating element. It’s even easy to clean, so you can ensure that the vapor quality is always optimal. The 400 degree temperature perfectly heats the loose-leaf herb while ensuring that it doesn’t burn in the process. It’s the perfect user-friendly design that’s missing in the market.

The Firefly is small, provides immense flavor when vaping, and has one of the fastest battery recharging times in the industry.


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